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Northern Shaolin Harmonious Fist Association

The Northern Shaolim style of kung fu is one of the most prominent traditional northern styles of Chinese martial arts. The northern styles of kung-fu generally emphasize long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness, agility, and aggressive attacks.

The system teaches empty-hand techniques and weaponry through predetermined combinations, routines, or movement of sets. The students learn the basics by practicing the routines until the movements in the routines can be executed naturally based on instinct. Then, two or multiple man sets are practiced to train responses and applications of techniques learned from the sets. The practice sets/routines are not only practical in applications but are also graceful and artistic in nature. The fluidness of the movements combined with acrobatic techniques are trademarks of the Northern Shaolim Kung-Fu sets.

Northern Shaolim for Health

The Therapeutic Effects of Northern Shaolim

Northern Shaolim uses an upright posture and can be practiced with vigor or very gently so people of all ages and physical conditions can do it. People with weak constitutions or chronic illnesses can select specific techniques and practice them gently or just do the standing training for its health building effects. Recently some Physiotherapy clinics as well as Medical Universities have had good results combining conscious standing postures with other therapies for patients with such conditions as Diabetes, Bronchitis, High blood Pressure and Nervous disorders just to name a few.

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